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* There may be unreleased models included among the items on the demonstration screen.

Base Unit Info Group Name Remote Unit Info Current Readings Info
  TANDD_DEMO Kitchen setting icon
battery [5]not supportwarning [ch.one] 22.5 C
[ch.two] 45 %
graph button
    Office (2F) setting icon
battery [5]not supportdisplay warning status [On Desk] 21.8 C
[Window Sill] 21.4 C
graph button
TandD Office (RTR-500AW)
Office 2F(East) setting icon
battery [1]RSSI:4display warning status [ch1] 0.03 lx
[ch2] 0.000 mW/cm2
[ch3] 20.1 C
[ch4] 44 %
[ch5] 0 lxh
[ch6] 0.000 mW/cm2h
graph button
    2F(West) setting icon
battery [3]RSSI:4warning [ch1] 494 ppm
[ch2] 23.9 C
[ch3] 38 %
graph button
    INSIDE setting icon
battery [5]RSSI:3display warning status [ch1] 23.5 C graph button
    OUTSIDE setting icon
battery [5]RSSI:5display warning status [ch1] 11.6 C
[ch2] 52 %
graph button