T&D WebStorage Service: Increase of Maximum Storage Capacity


T&D WebStorage Service has extended the data storage capacity from 10MB to 20MB. This, for example, allows for storage of about three years of recorded data when using 10 units of 2-channel (temperature and humidity) data loggers at a recording interval of 5 minutes, or storage of over 7 months of recorded data using 50 units. *

T&D WebStorage Service will keep making improvements to provide high-performance user-friendly storage service to our customers. Please try T&D WebStorage Service and experience the convenience of sharing recorded data via the Internet. User registration is simple and fast - just send your current e-mail address and the desired password, then you’ll get a User ID.

T&D WebStorage Service URL


* Please note that storage period of data depends on the recording interval setting and the number of units to be used.

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