T&D WebStorage Service Update (New Archiving Function, etc..)


T&D WebStorage Service has been updated as follows:

1. An archiving feature was added whereby if maximum storage capacity is exceeded, part of the stored data will be temporarily archived to a file and space created by deleting oldest data.

A feature was added whereby when the provided capacity is exceeded, 5MB of stored recorded data file data (trx, trz and prz format) will be automatically archived from the oldest data first into a ZIP file and space for new data will be created by deleting that 5MB of data from the User's alloted space. After archiving has occurred, an email notification of such activity will be sent to the User. This email will contain a URL from which the ZIP file containing 5MB of recorded data files can be downloaded. The archived file can also be downloaded from the main page after logging into the account. Note that an archived file is available for download any number of times, but is only available until the next archived file is created, whereby the previous one will be overwritten.

Besides the above Archiving function, there are two types of mail notifications as follows:

1) A "Usage Capacity Warning" notification mail sent when 90% of storage capacity has been reached.
2) An "Archiving Completed" notification mail sent after archiving has occurred; this contains the URL for downloading the ZIP file.

2. The FTP sending restriction when storage capacity was exceed has been eliminated.

Until now, once storage capacity was reached, there was a restriction placed on FTP connections and hence it was not possible to save files that exceeded the provided storage capacity. With this update and the archiving function, the restrictions placed on FTP connections and saving files when storage capacity had been reached has been eliminated. The new archiving function now makes it possible to continually remain within the provided storage capacity and thus send recorded data files without restriction.

3. Current Readings (XML) files are now excluded when calculating storage capacity

Temporary files such as Current Readings (XML) files will no longer be included when calculating the amount of space an account is using. Note however that the storage period has not changed and remains at 24 hours.

* Current Readings Graph data will be created no matter what settings have been made for saving Current Readings (XML) files.
* Current Readings Graph data has always excluded from the calculation of storage space being used.

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