T&D WebStorage Service Update (Graph Features, etc..)


  1. Improved Graph Features for Current Readings Data
    • - Operation speed has been improved.
    • - A function to select the graph display range has been added.
    • - For TR-7wf series, the maximum number of readings to be displayed in a graph has been increased from 1,500 to 15,000 readings. (Similar increases for other models is planned in future updates.)

  2. Recorded Data Graph Display Functionality
    • Recorded data files in TRZ format and PRZ format (for RTR-601) can now be displayed in a graph.
    • In the Recorded Data [TRZ] tab, click the graph icon next to the recorded data file you wish to view in a graph.
  3. TR-7wf Settings
    • Remote setting function for TR-7wf series has been enhanced and more setting items can now be made through T&D WebStorage Service. (Similar to T&D Thermo functionality)
    • Previous Setting Items
    •     Auto-upload Interval, Warning Settings
    • Newly Added Setting Items
    •     Device Name, Group Name, Recording Interval, Recording Mode, Channel Name, Unit of Temperature, Time Settings

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