T&D WebStorage Service Update (Support for TR-7wf)


To ensure compatibility with our TR-7wf Series Data Loggers, the following functions have been added:

  1. A function to store up to 80,000 readings which have been uploaded from the TR-7wf series data logger via wireless LAN, and to display the most recent 1,500 readings in a graph. (*1)

  2. A function to change the following TR-7wf settings on the T&D WebStorage Service. (*2) Auto-upload Interval Warning Settings

  3. A function to send a warning report mail for the TR-7wf. (*3)

  4. Extended login timeout period (from 30 minutes to 24 hours)

  5. A function to automatically refresh the TOP screen after user login (every 10 minutes)

    (*1) To view all of the stored data, it is necessary to use the "T&D Graph" software.
    (*2) Changed settings are applied when the TR-7wf communicates with the T&D WebStorage Service (e.g. uploading recorded data, warning transmission, sending device settings, obtaining clock information, or pressing the REC/STOP button on the device).
    (*3) A warning report mail will be sent to the e-mail address registered with your T&D WebStorage Service account.

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