T&D WebStorage Service Update (Alert Settings, etc..)


T&D WebStorage Service has been updated with the following new features.

(1) Alert Settings
By clicking the settings iconSettings Icon that appears on the right side of the Remote Unit Name, the Remote Unit Settings Window will open where you can make alert settings for the Remote Unit and/or remove current readings data.

In Alert Settings, it is possible to set an upper and/or a lower limit for each channel of which you wish to view the alert status.
For example, you can set only an upper limit for a specific channel for which you wish to be notified of an alert. For a Remote Unit which is or was in alert status, in addition to the original graph display for all channels it is possible to view a separate graph that shows the alert range for each channel as follows:

Please note that Alert Settings in the T&D WebStorage Service is a different function from that of Warning Monitoring for Remote Units which is set via software (Settings Utility) included with the Base Unit.
This new function makes it possible to check current readings which have been sent to T&D WebStorage Service for alerts without having to use software to make warning settings in the target Remote Units.
Once alert settings are made, T&D WebStorage Service immediately checks current readings data to determine if there is a value that should be marked as an alert, then enables you to see the measurements and the status of the alert in graph form.

(2) New Display Items for Remote Unit Info
Signal strength and alert status have been added to Remote Unit Info.

In addition to the battery level, signal strength and alert status can now be viewed for each Remote Unit.

  • This does not include models which don't have battery level and signal strength functions. There are two types of alert status icons.

Current Alert(s): Current Alert(s) (Conditions in the current data warranted the issuing of an alert) Prior Alert(s): Prior Alert(s) (Conditions in prior data to the current one warranted the issuing of an alert)

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