Notice of Network Disruption and Recovery at Web Server Data Center


Emergency repairs to rectify the network failures caused by fire at the data center which houses the T&D web server have been carried out. With restoration of power at the data center, it is confirmed that T&D web services are running normally. We apologize for any trouble caused by the service outage. We are investigating a means to improve continuity of service, so that any future incidents may be dealt with smoothly using backup server. T&D will continue to improve our products and services, and we appreciate your patronage.

Information and Updates on Network Failure

Initial Report (2013/02/25 14:00 JST)
A failure at the data center which houses the T&D web server, has caused the following network failures. As of 2013/02/25 14:00 JST, services including the corporate website and WebStorage Service have become unavailable. We apologize for any inconveniences caused, but please wait for recovery.

Updated Info (2013/02/25 16:30 JST)
It has become known that the failure at the data center was caused by fire, which has prolonged the expected schedule for repair. We sincerely apologize to all customers using our services, and ask that you persevere while we wait for repairs to be carried out.

Updated Info (2013/02/26 09:00 JST)
As of 2013/02/26 5:45 JST, power has been restored to the data center network infrastructure, and power to the servers is currently being carried out. Thus we are still waiting for the restoration to be completed, and we hope this will take not too long.

Updated Info (2013/02/26 11:30 JST)
As of 2013/02/26 11:15, power has been restored, and access to the T&D servers has been confirmed. We have checked the server status and determined that data recorded prior to the service outage (2013/02/25 at approximately 12:30 JST) has been restored safely. However, as the power supply restoration work has been a temporary measure, full scale maintenance will be conducted within the next few days. During this period, our servers will again be briefly powered down.

Status Timeline
2013/02/25 12:35 JST (Occurrence of service outage due to fire)
2013/02/25 16:00 JST (Ongoing recovery operations)
2013/02/26 05:45 JST (Ongoing server power restoration)
2013/02/26 10:00 JST (Server power restoration completed)
2013/02/26 11:10 JST (T&D web server restoration in progress)
2013/02/26 11:15 JST (T&D web server restoration confirmed)

Power Maintenance Schedule
Ongoing power maintenance work at the data center to be conducted within the next few days will incur periods of brief service disruption. (Maintenance schedule will be announced when known.)

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