T&D WebStorage Service Update (Read-Only ID, etc..)


The following items were added to T&D WebStorage Service.

Read-Only ID

Read-Only ID is now available. This allows for the viewing of data without permission to make any modifications or deletions. This is especially useful when you wish to share data with other people or have someone check the data. You can make the settings in the "Account Management" window.

Features of Read-Only ID

  1. The "Configuration Settings" window is read only.
  2. The "Account Management" window is not available.
  3. Data cannot be deleted.
  4. Data transfer to WebStorage Service via FTP cannot be carried out.
  5. The Read-Only ID cannot be changed.

Additional Items related to Graph Display

As per customer requests, the maximum number of readings in a graph display and the storage period have been extended.

Current Readings Graph Settings

  1. A wider selection for "Storage Period" setting: now includes 7 days, 10 days, 14 days, and Unlimited.
  2. "Unlimited" has no time limit.
  3. Increased the maximum "Number of Stored Readings" to 1500 readings.
  4. Added "Number of Readings" currently displayed to the subtitle above the graph.

FYI: When sending Current Readings to WebStorage Service every hour with the settings at "Storage Period: unlimited" and "Number of Stored Readings: 1500", about 62 days and 12 hours worth of data will be displayed in the graph.

JavaScript is used to create and display graphs. When using IE6, IE7 or IE8, JavaScript operation becomes very slow. Furthermore, depending on your PC's operating environment it may not be possible to display graphs with a large number of data readings. Especially, when trying to view graphs for devices with many channels such as RTR-574, your computer may freeze. If this occurs, please use IE9, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Firefox.

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