T&D WebStorage Service Update


The following items were fixed and/or added to T&D WebStorage Service.


  1. Fixed an error that occurred when sending recorded data files (trz format) with a duplicate name, whereby they were added as new files without overwriting the previous file. *Hence, when sending files with a duplicate name, the previous file will be overwritten by the latest file.
  2. Fixed an error that occurred when a file name could not be displayed correctly because it included symbols and characters other than alphabet or numerals, resulting in a failure to download the file.

New Features

Overall System

  1. Support has been added for the latest Recorded Data File Format (T&D XML File Ver.1.20) as well as new model RTR-505.

Current Readings Window

  1. ViewManager function was added. In the Current Readings window, the refine field drop-down menu for the ViewName allows the user to select which Remote Units are included together under the selected ViewName.
  2. Revised display format for "Time at Gathering of Current Readings" from a simple time display (gathered date and time) to an "elapsed time" display such as "XX minute(s) ago", "XX hour(s) ago", or "XX day(s) ago". *When the mouse is moved over any of the "elapsed times", the actual date and time when that data was collected will appear.

Graph Window

  1. Revised to hide or view data for selected channel(s).
  2. Adjusted the Graph line width and simplified text on the legend to improve readability.
  3. A function was added to automatically refresh the window every ten minutes.
    Text to the right of the "Refresh View" button indicates the approximate time remaining before the next auto-refresh.
    *Please note that while the graph window is open, the graph will automatically reload and therefore avoid automatic logout.

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