T&D Thermo

Compatible Products: TR-7wf Series
Mobile Application for Smartphones and Tablets

Users of the TR-7wf Series loggers can not only access data that has been uploaded to T&D WebStorage Service, but will be able to use the T&D Thermo App for wireless communication to carry out direct communication between mobile devices and loggers.

about T&D Thermo

This app can only access T&D WebStorage Service while the mobile device is online.

Thermo REC

Compatible Products: TR4 Series
Mobile Application for Smartphones and Tablets

ThermoREC enables TR4 Series logger settings, data monitoring, graph display, and data upload to T&D WebStorage Service via BLE (Bluetooth low energy).

about ThermoREC

This app can only access T&D WebStorage Service while the mobile device is online.

T&D WebStorage Service Viewer

Mobile Application for Smartphones and Tablets
This is a web application for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.
It makes it possible to easily access current readings data sent to the T&D WebStorage Service.

* This is a web based application and cannot be used offline.


How to Access Data

Open the following address from the web browser on your smart phone or tablet.


You can also submit your e-mail address to have the above URL sent to you.

  • smartphone
  • step1
    Simply open
    the app (T&D WebStorage Service Viewer)
  • 矢印
  • step2
    Then just enter your WebStorage Service ID and Password.
  • 矢印
  • step3
    If you have more than one base unit registered simply swipe to view all of your units.

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Icon for T&D WebStorage Service Viewer
Simply place the icon on your home screen and click whenever you wish to view your data.

From your browser, open "T&D WebStorage Service Viewer" and select to have it added to your home screen. The icon will then appear on your home screen, whereby next time you wish to view data it can easily be found and clicked.

For details about how to add an icon to the home screen of your mobile device, see the directions for your device.

Please Read

In an effort to continually meet our customers needs, this application is being released as a Beta Version (preliminary version). We hope to use the feedback from this version to help in the development of future useful products. Please confirm the following before using.

  • Because this is a Beta release, T&D cannot fully support the software, nor be responsible or accept responsibility for unintended results from its operation.
  • T&D is not responsible for any malfunction or trouble caused by the use of this software or by any problem caused by the use of measurement results generated with this software.
  • Although T&D Corporation is under no obligation to correct defects in this or any of its software, user feedback is encouraged and requested, and whenever possible it will make an effort to fix reported issues.
  • "T&D WebStorage Service Viewer" app for TR-7wf Series loggers is coming soon.