Service Details to be provided by T&D WebStorage Service

T&D WebStorage Service provides the following services for free.

Most Recent Update: Jun. 28, 2017

  1. T&D WebStorage Service (hereinafter called "Service") offers a 24 hour / 365 days a year service. Support will be available between 9:00-17:00 (GMT+9:00) on business days as stated in our T&D Business Day Calendar.
    If any problem should occur during off-hours, it'll be processed the next business day during the above service hours.
  2. Functions to upload recorded data to the Internet from compatible products, and to send warning report mail to the registered email address as necessary, will be provided under the same conditions.
  3. The Service offers a 20MB storage area in which to store recorded data.
  4. Besides the storage capacity made available for recorded data as outlined in 3 above, there is a certain amount of space made available for storing Current Readings data that is not used in calculating amount of storage space being used.
    For TR-7wf/nw Series we offer space for up to 80,000 data readings, for TR4 Series there is space enough for 160,000 data readings, and for RTR-500 Series there is space enough for 1,500 data readings per Remote Unit.
    Once Current Readings data exceeds the provided space, the oldest data will continually be deleted to make room for the newest readings as they are received.
  5. As for the Current Readings data mentioned in 4 above, when it is determined that a time adjustment is needed, the Service automatically adjusts the time and stores the data.
    Time adjustment of Current Readings data is applicable only to the following devices: TR-7wf/nw Series
  6. As for the stored Current Readings mentioned in 4 above, using the T&D WebStorage Graph, it is possible to view up to 15,000 (most recent) data readings for TR-7wf/nw and TR4 Series and up to 1,500 data readings for RTR-500 Series.
    For TR-7wf/nw Series, to access all 80,000 stored Current Readings please use either T&D Graph or T&D Thermo.
    For TR4 Series, to access all 160,000 stored Current Readings please use either T&D Graph.
  7. Stored Recorded Data as mentioned in 3 above, in either TRZ or PRZ format, can be viewed using T&D WebStorage Graph.
  8. The backup of recorded data stored in our Service is in no manner guaranteed.
    It is highly recommended that the Users regularly backup data stored within the Service.
  9. When the amount of stored recorded data exceeds 20MB, 5MB of data from the oldest data will be automatically archived into a ZIP file and saved. At the same time, space for new data will be created by deleting that 5MB from the User's alloted storage space.
    An e-mail notification will then be sent to the registered e-mail address informing the User that archiving has occurred and the User should, if necessary, download the ZIP file as soon as possible.
  10. The ZIP file created as in 8 above will be available for download until the next archiving occurs and a new ZIP file is created.
  11. Email to be sent from the Service may be subject to delay or failure of transmission.
  12. Data transmission via FTP or HTTP will be provided as the transmission method for sending recorded data from compatible products to the Service.
  13. Once uploaded into the Service, the recorded data transmitted from a compatible product via FTP cannot be accessed directly via FTP. Please use a browser to access any recorded data uploaded to the Service.
    This Service is not being provided as an FTP server to be used for data storage.
  14. In order to provide a stable system for its Users, the Service will regularly conduct system maintenance.
    System maintenance may require a temporary suspension of service. Moreover, the Service will notify Users on the Login Window at least one hour prior to a scheduled maintenance session.
  15. Any inquiries about a forgotten User ID and/or Password cannot be answered.
    If you forget your password, please apply for a User Password Reissue.
    If you forget your User ID, apply for Get a User ID and restart using the Service with a new User ID.

Data Storage Example:
When using an RTR-502 (1 channel x 16,000 readings) with a recording interval of 1 minute, the device when full will contain 11 days, 2 hours and 40 minutes of data. If the recorded data file is received in TRZ format it will be a file size of about 32KB.
Therefore, approximately 640 files (about 7,000 days worth of recorded data) of this size can be stored in the provided 20MB.

Default Settings Information

The following shows the default settings details of the Service which are in effect upon the completion of your User ID registration.

Default Settings Item Default Settings Details
Storage Settings for Current Readings Files (xml) 24” hours after storage, Current Readings Files will begin to be chronologically deleted from the oldest file.
Data Settings for Current Readings Graph Display The limit for storage is either “48” hours or “1000” data readings, whichever comes first. Data will be deleted chronologically from the oldest first when either limit is reached.
Upload Time for Transmitted Data Transmitted files are uploaded into the Service as data every 5 minutes. They cannot be viewed via your browser until they are uploaded into the Service.

* Changes can be made to above settings with notation “   ”. The default settings use the highest possible value for each setting.

Operating Environment

The Service has been tested and found to be operational with the following browsers:
firefoxFirefox / safariSafari / chromeChrome / IEInternet Explorer

* Please note that compared to other browsers listed above Internet Explorer 8 may take longer to display the Current Readings Graph.

T&D Business Day Calendar

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